Business customer

As a business owner, you know the key to commercial success – trust, reliability, competence and personal sympathy.


Private customer

Let us compare the offers currently on the market and compile a suitable insurance package for you.


Damage reports

Have you been unlucky enough to suffer loss or damage? We are here to help you – just contact us!


Cyber insurance

Big data, cloud computing, mobile end devices and Industry 4.0. Any company that wants to survive in a fiercely competitive environment is obliged to follow these trends. Often without knowing the dangers.

Company and product liability insurance

This is the corporate equivalent of term life insurance, and one of the most important insurances for your company. Let us show you the various options available.


Managers and company officers make important decisions. However, they also run higher risks. Wrong decisions may not only be expensive for the company but may possibly also endanger private assets.

Car fleet/car pool insurance

A company’s vehicle fleet and machine park can be structured in many different ways. We will analyse your structures and support you in your risk management.

Machine insurance

The connected machine parks in modern companies work together in increasingly dense networks. The breakdown of one individual machine can cause considerable financial burden for the company.