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1a Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Riskmanagement Consulting
Artilleriestraße 1
34560 Fritzlar
Telephone: + 49 (0) 56 22 – 99 56 50
Fax: + 49 (0) 56 22 – 99 56 51

Managing Director: Debora Mansfeld
Head Office: Fritzlar
Commercial Register number: HRB 8397
Registration court: Amtsgericht Fritzlar

Tax number: 026 3230 5482 (Fiscal authorities of Kassel)

Gläubiger-Identifikationsnummer: DE18ZZZ00000830935

Bank data: Collection account

VR Bank Schwalm-Eder
Account no.: 10 635 609 5 IBAN DE09520626010106356095

The registration in the register is that of an approved insurance broker

Pursuant to § 34 d Section 1 GewO /Industrial Code/ with the registration number D-MYHL-ELDIR-96

available for inspection/verification under or at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Kassel; Phone: 0561-78910 (switchboard); Fax: 0561-7891290

Competent supervisory board: Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Kassel

Our company holds no direct or indirect shares of more than 10% in the form of voting rights or capital of any insurance company. Conversely, neither does any insurance company or parent company of an insurance company hold a direct or indirect share of more than 10% in the form of voting rights or capital of our company.

Mediator for out-of-court settlement of disputes pursuant to § 42 k of Law on insurance contracts:

Insurance ombudsman- registered charitable organisation – Prof. Dr. Walter Römer
Postfach 08 06 32
10006 Berlin

Ombudsman for private medical and nursing insurances:

Arno Surminski
Kronenstraße 13
10117 Berlin
Responsible for the contents pursuant to § 545 Federal Broadcasting Convention: Lawyer


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