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1A insurance broker:
Our signature style consistently implemented for you

Your company is alive. Its heartbeat depends on the markets and framework conditions. Business areas grow and shrink, the machine park and the number of employees change, risks vary.

As your partner for risk management we will constantly adjust the protection of your company to suit the given conditions.

We will support you on a long-term basis and help you to adapt your policy portfolio to your individual needs. We aspire to offer you tailor-made protection which lives and grows with your company. It is our constant aim to find the perfect blend that balances protection with an ideal price/performance ratio.

Your companion

Every change in your company means reassessment of the risks and adaptation of the insurance cover. You do not want to be either over- or underinsured. Please use our service for a consistent, continuous adjustment of your policy portfolio.

Your resubmission

It is easy to overlook questions of insurance cover in the hectic course of day-to-day business. We keep an eye on everything and come to an agreement with you in an annual review meeting and, if necessary, in individually agreed appointments.

Your tailored protection

If the key data of your company changes, we will take care of the details. We will take care that you enjoy optimum cover and ensure that you do not take any unnecessary steps. As an independent advisor, we also optimize existing insurance cover.

Save costs with an optimized portfolio
You can rely on us
Regular reviews in an annual meeting
Optimum agreement of your protection