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D&O-Insurance – Insurance for decision-makers

Managers and company officers make important decisions. However, they also run higher risks. Wrong decisions may not only be expensive for the company but may possibly also endanger private assets.

Increased pressure on decision-makers

No decision – no mistake Decision-makers can also make mistakes. Company officers have less and less time to make decisions. A pragmatic approach is required, which carries the risk that managers and members of controlling organs are increasingly held personally responsible.

SMEs also face risks

According to Manager Magazin, more than 10,000 cases for damages are brought against GmbH managers In Germany every year. What only used to apply to managers and directors of large companies has long since reached SMEs, too. The consequences can be very serious.

Protection of private assets
Protection against mistakes by colleagues
Protection of company existences

Your individual protection

Ever new laws make it hard for deciding persons to avoid all mistakes. As your reliable partner, we keep a watchful eye on all developments and take care that you enjoy optimum protection. Also in legal insurance matters

Protection for your company

If a manager is proved to have violated his obligations, this may also cause considerable damage for the company. If high damage claims cannot be enforced due to lack of insurance cover, this not only jeopardizes a company’s good reputation, but also its balance sheets. In these cases the D&O insurance protection also helps to protect the company. Entrepreneurs should therefore provide appropriate insurance cover for their managers. We will find the appropriate D&O policy for you.

In the absence of an explicit exemption from liability, GmbH managers may also be held liable for the faults of their management colleagues. A D&O insurance protects you and your assets in the event of joint liability claims.

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