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Cyber insurance – invisible protection

Viruses used to be nothing worse than virtual graffiti. Today’s cyber-attacks have far greater impact. Everything digital is vulnerable.

– Jewgeni Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab

Big data, cloud computing, mobile end devices and Industry 4.0. Business process networking means simplification and less complexity. Any company that wants to survive in a fiercely competitive environment is obliged to follow these trends. Often without knowing the exact dangers involved.

Cybercrime is flourishing

Last year, 81 million US dollars were stolen from the Bank of Bangladesh by a hacker attack. If the attack had not been noticed by chance, the damage would have been much higher. However, the attack will go down in history as one of the biggest bank robberies ever committed. The number of cybercrimes is rising; the annual average damage is more than 100 billion euros.

Serious consequences

The extent of damage caused by hacker attacks is hard to calculate, as they have far-reaching consequences. Some of the risks which companies should protect themselves against are administrative measures or third-party claims, interruption of company operation, information obligations towards persons concerned, costs for the performance of forensic services, data restitution or cyber-extortion.
We provide the means.

Optimization of your protection

Identity and data theft are particularly popular with cyber criminals. The consequences of a hacker attack are often very serious for companies. If customer data falls into the wrong hands, the damage can quickly run into several millions. The consequences of the damage this can cause to a company’s reputation should not be underestimated either.

The number of cyber-attacks is rising. The number of online attacks on banks increased by 300 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year. Experts expect that many companies have already been hacked without their knowledge.

Tailored insurance

Cyber-attacks can occur in many different forms, so there is also a correspondingly wide range of insurance possibilities. There will be an increased need for cyber insurance in the years to come. Not only because the number of cyber-attacks is increasing rapidly, but also because they will be more in the public eye due to the imminent obligation to report cyber-attacks in the EU.

We will also find the policy which is exactly tailored to the needs of your enterprise with regard to already registered insurances.

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