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Management commission

I have received and read the legal information regarding the service form.

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Legal information

§ 1 The client will entrust 1 a GmbH with the ongoing management of all operational insurances unless exclusions have been agreed for individual policies.

§ 2 1 a GmbH undertakes to manage with all due commercial prudence and diligence all business transactions resulting from or in connection with the entrusted insurance policies. The tasks of 1 a GmbH include advising the client on all insurance matters related to the insurance contracts.

§ 3 1 a GmbH will receive a royalty from the respective insurance company for the processing of the insurance contract. This royalty is already included in any insurance premium, so the client will incur no additional costs.

§ 4 1 a GmbH undertakes, both now and beyond termination of the cooperation, to treat all information it receives about the client’s company or business as strictly confidential.

§ 5 Any termination of this management commission must be in writing to be valid. If terminated by the client, all obligations expire for 1 a GmbH to manage any current contracts and damage cases as yet unfinished up to that date.